Garlic Time™ Odorless Garlic

Garlic Time™ Odorless Garlic

Garlic Time™ one-a-day slow releases 600 mg. of 3x concentrated allicin-rich garlic with each tab. Nearly 2 grams (one clove) of raw garlic is concentrated into a single tablet. The garlic follows your natural digestive pathways, just like the food you eat, so your body can use the beneficial nutrients and sulfur compounds. Allicin is primarily responsible for the health benefits of garlic, but because it is also the reason garlic is stinky, it is not found in other garlic supplements. But Arizona Natural’s patented buffering process retains all the allicin-producing compounds while eliminating garlic’s notorious stench. Time-released and guaranteed odorless, Garlic Time™ gives you the benefits of garlic throughout the day without smelling like a garlic bulb.

There is an old adage, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”.  But in light of modern research findings that might be better revised to  “A clove a day keeps the doctor away.”  The clove, of course is from the lowly garlic bulb and a daily dose may well keep your visits to the doctor at a minimum.  Garlic Time is that proverbial clove a day and is formulated to slow release allicin and the benefits of garlic.

With a medical history spanning thousands of years, garlic’s reputation is well-known.  So the question is no longer whether to take garlic, but how to take garlic.  In the past, those desiring the health benefits of garlic merely cracked a clove from a bulb and ate it raw, giving notice to the world that you were healthy but not very socially desirable!  These days you can get your garlic in a tablet or capsule with the promise of little or no garlic after-odor.

While many of the available supplements are very similar to garlic, retaining the valuable sulfur compounds and the allicin, many are not.  Steam distilled oils can lose much of their efficacy, and aged garlic extracts are allicin-free.  Then there’s the question of potency; just how many capsules or tablets must we take a day to equal the magical amount of garlic in one whole clove? Some brands instruct us to take their tablets three times each day to get the recommended dosage and with others no amount will provide the allicin system inherent to raw garlic. All of those factors can create quite a dilemma…unless you’re taking Garlic Time from Arizona Natural Products.

Garlic Time is the original Daily One, time released garlic supplement.  Arizona Natural has applied over three decades of garlic expertise to bring you a simple to understand odorless garlic product that concentrates nearly two grams (the magical “one clove”) of raw garlic into a single tablet.  Just one tablet in the morning slow releases odor controlled garlic so you can enjoy the benefits all day long.  If you want to include a garlic supplement in your diet, there is no better time and no better garlic than Garlic Time!

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