How To Be Lead-Free, Even When Your Water Isn’t

How To Be Lead-Free, Even When Your Water Isn’t

Millions of Americans live in cities with high levels of lead in their tap water.  Places like Flint, Michigan have made national headlines with their poor water quality, but the problem extends much further than Flint, or even the state of Michigan.  The water supply in much of America’s “Rust Belt” is outdated and failing.  Fortunately there’s an inexpensive, safe and reliable way to get lead out of the body that doesn’t require waiting on lawmakers.  It’s called EDTA Chelation Therapy.  Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York and Indiana are plagued with water that leaches lead and other toxic metals from decrepit pipes.  This lead-filled water inevitably gets into the body, which if left untreated, can cause dangerous and sometimes irreversible conditions, especially to children and seniors.

Every Body Deserves to be Lead-Free, Even When Their Water Isn’t.

Local and federal governments may be slowly working towards a remedy, but meanwhile the water is still dangerous.  Even with ample media attention and multiple promises, Flint residents are STILL being sent cases of bottled water because their tap water is harmful.  And there’s no reason to expect things to change quickly where you live either.  So how do you keep your body lead-free, even when your water isn’t?  Enter EDTA Chelation Therapy.  EDTA (Calcium disodium EDTA) is a proven safe and effective way to treat acute toxicity from lead and other heavy metals like mercury, arsenic, and cadmium [source].  It has been the standard treatment for exposure to these metals since the 1950s because the science behind EDTA chelation is straightforward and proven.

Chelation 101: The Science Behind EDTA & Lead Poisoning

Here’s how it works: EDTA enters the body with a natural attraction (or charge) to metals, kind of like a magnet.   The heavier the metal, the more it is attracted to the EDTA molecule.  So the heaviest metals like lead, arsenic, cadmium and mercury will bind with the EDTA first.

Once the EDTA and trace metal bind together, the charge is neutralized and the metal becomes inactive.  The force that caused the “magnetism” has been neutralized.  Both remain locked together, inactive and neutral, until it is removed from the body through the urine. 

In short, EDTA latches onto toxic metals in the body, neutralizes them, then removes them from the body thru the urinary tract.

Chelation Therapy Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Using EDTA to bind and remove minerals (metals) from the body is called Chelation Therapy.  It can be given weekly through an I.V. with a doctor, or taken at home each day in the form of capsules or suppositories.  EDTA oral chelation offers a less expensive and less invasive alternative to the I.V. sessions (and suppositories), and the capsules use the same form of EDTA (Calcium Disodium) administered by a practitioner.

How to Take Oral EDTA for Best Results

We’ve reviewed best practices for taking EDTA in a past article, but key points are that it needs to be taken on an EMPTY stomach for maximum effectiveness.   EDTA will also deplete mineral levels in your body over time, so best practice would be to cycle the product.  A good rule of thumb for cycling EDTA is 3:1 – meaning take the caps 3 times as long as your break.  Example: if you take EDTA for 30 days, take 10 days off before starting again.  This allows your body to replenish the minerals that were chelated away.  Taking a multi-mineral supplement will also help maintain the body’s natural mineral levels.   

Content provided by Ryan Hanna of Arizona Natural Products.  Arizona Natural has provided EDTA oral chelation caps since 1981, and continues to be the most popular and trusted pure EDTA dietary supplement in the U.S.  AZ Natural only uses Calcium Disodium EDTA, the most proven and effective form of EDTA.  Each capsule is packed with 600mg EDTA, no fillers, no additives, just what works.

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